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D S & Durga

Since discovering D S & Durga back in 2007 we’ve been hailing them as superiors of scent. Hand-crafted, small-batch perfumes and colognes produced in Brooklyn NY, by methods that hark back to pre-industrial cottage industries. D.S. & Durga take their inspiration from antiquated herbal wisdom, native medicine and gastronomy. Using flowers, herbs & spices, resins and plant extracts, they develop, distil, bottle and box everything with their own hands. Each scent is a story with its own song. Forget any fragrance you've ever sniffed, for these inimitable tinctures are incomparable. 

D S & Durga

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If you live outside the UK and would like to purchase our wares, please email us your order and we will then confirm whether we can send these items by mail order for you (subject to International shipping regulations). Payment for International orders is taken by card over the phone.